Open call: Data mash-ups and the future of mapping

In the Web 2.0 report we published last year (What is Web 2.0? Ideas, technologies and implications for education) we noted the importance of geo-spatial data in the development of mash-ups and we’re now planning to return to this subject with a new open call.

The growing interest in the use of geospatial and geographical information in combination with Web-based information sources and services has been driven, at least in part, by the emergence of new and low-cost technologies such as high-spec digital cameras, handheld GPS location equipment and vehicular SatNav. Alongside this, increasingly popular Web-based mapping applications and 3-D mapping tools have supported the mash-up approach. On the social science research side there have been many developments in graphical visualisation and simulation using location-based data.

After a number of discussions with experts across the education sector it is clear that this will be a complex report to commission but interested parties should have a look at the full open call, on the TechWatch website.

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