TechTracking: Location-based Experiences

Yesterday’s Guardian featured 100 top sites for the year ahead, and it was interesting to note how many of these were connected to location-based services. For those in HE who are interested in the educational issues surrounding these technologies, you might be interested in the TechWatch report on Future Location-based Experiences, published in January 2005.

The report was written by Steve Benford, currently Professor of Collaborative Computing at the University of Nottingham. Steve is one of the early pioneers of location-based media and is a recipient of the 2003 Prix Ars Electronic Golden Nica for Interactive Art. He was also nominated for a BAFTA in Interactive Arts and Technical and Social Innovation (2005) in conjunction with Blast Theory, a London-based group of interactive media artists.

As well as the location-based experiences report, TechWatch is currently commissioning a report provisionally titled Data mash-ups and the future of mapping (see previous blog item for more information). This will take some of the issues (raised in the 2007 report on Web 2.0) related to the use of geospatial data within the Web 2.0 context and explore them in more detail.